Final Portfolio Reflection

8 05 2009

The final reflection is located here:


Project Proposal

8 05 2009

Please download the project proposal here:

Project Proposal

Final Project URL

8 05 2009

Our final project, YTwitter?, can be found at the following URL:


29 04 2009

The project is more complete than I had imagined a week ago. Check it out here:

There are some things I know we need to revise on this project. Cleaning up the actual content and continuing to work towards a more “dialog based” format will be a constant struggle. The information in some areas is relatively thin so adding to this will be a future revision. As it stands, the project is definitely presentable but not yet fully realized in this aspect. Because of this, I have left open another required revision. For each post, there will be an accompanying profile picture. Furthermore, each picture will be separated visually. Unfortunately, until the textual component is complete, putting the images into DreamWeaver CS4 is nearly out of the question.

Status Update

22 04 2009

It’s almost time to unveil the project. It’s been absolutely daunting. Kate and Adam have been working on compiling the research and I’ve been nearly entirely focused on the presentation of the piece. Dreamweaver is more complicated than I would’ve imagined. I’ve been busting my butt figuring this program out but I think I’ve finally got it down. It won’t be miraculous or great but I hope that our reviewers would afford me the same leniency that I have not traditionally afforded to similar beginner-level projects. 😛

On a more serious note, this semester and this project have been an extremely daunting process for me. Less guidance because of my course repetition has been a test of my self-discipline. I think I’ve done a good job but that isn’t for me to decide in the end. I feel as though working on this project and working as someone who’s “been there done that” in terms of the class was a responsibility that was truly testing – the hallmark of a good course. I’ve LEARNED this semester just as I did last semester. That’s not something I can say about every course I’ve taken here at ISU. In fact, this is one of the few classes that I’ve found myself growing as a scholar and an individual within.


22 04 2009

Based on the readings of the editorial for the RiceBall piece, I would only make several revisions. The content issues noted by both reviewers seemed on track but my revisions would mostly revolve around the form of the piece as a whole. Firstly, I would not have entertained the suggestion of turning the form and presentation of the piece into a “DVD w/ extras.” To me, this is a backwards digression; gimmicky and smoozing in and of itself. I would have instead opted for a more easily navigation format (because the first version appeared to be straight-forward and the second appeared to be overdone). However, then one must take into account audience – maybe the DVD format would appeal more to a crowd who was familiar with that aspect of technological innovation. I’m not sure what avenue I would pursue for revision. Though not available at the time, YouTube’s current “annotation” feature would’ve been something appealing for the content attached to the video. On the topic of the presentation of the content, I was at first confused by the “and/or” and “but” sections. However, after their purpose became clear, I really thought those could be expanded on and made to be a more central part of the piece’s argument.


15 04 2009

Read peer reviews

ceball > schedule > additional readings > click image > special features > reviews

What would I choose to revise based on feedback?

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